Olympus mju 1030 SW

I am going to Kota Kinabalu next week & one of the ‘agenda’ is white river rafting! I will definitely not going to bring my DSLR to the river. Since I am looking for a point & shoot (compact) camera, might as well I go for the Olympus mju 1030 SW. It is shockproof & waterproof. Never mind the bulletproof. I am not in USA :D

I booked one unit from Leos.com and already asked my ITD friend, Unggul to buy for me. It cost me RM1300 with 4GB memory. I hope it worst it!

Update: I bought the black colour set at RM1300 with 4GB memory. Went to Sabah and used it during the Grade 1-2 Kiulu River white water rafting. Picture quality wise, nothing to shout about.

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