Visit to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

I was invited to a Cisco Academic Seminar in KK last Monday till Wednesday. Well, it is actually to tell us that Cisco provides good network solution. We had a wonderful time there. We were greeted with 3 seminars upon arrival, from a talk on how Cisco could assist university in the preparation for natural and non-natural disaster – from the perspective of effective communication and good backup-recovery strategy; a talk on bots and how Ironport (recently aquired by Cisco), can filter and detect bots, to finally a talk by Panduit on smart cable & servers management.

After that, we checked-into our rooms and immediately went for a boat cruise and dinner on the sea. Well, it was not that well for me. Got sea-sick! And on the way back, we were welcomed by a storm.

On the second day, we had talk from Cisco Capital, obviously about money; and from UPM & UTM experiences on the development of their infrastructure.

In the afternoon, we went for a white water rafting at Kiulu River, a 1 1/2 hours bus journey from KK. My Olympus 1030SW proved its expectation! Survived water splashes and rain.

After the ride, we went to Kampung Nelayan Restaurant for a seafood dinner. The food is just so-so and for a person who is allergic to prawn and lobster, I definitely didn’t enjoy the dinner.

The cultural show is a different story!

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