Finalised!! Trip to Dieng is ON!

As usual the rhodong-rhodong Luarbiasa will go to Dieng Plateau, Central Jawa (near West Java) from 9-13th February 2009. Altogether 9 extraordinary people had confirmed & already bought the ticket!! They are myself, dR ali, Rejim, Jasni, Badang, Nizam & wife, Wan & uDa!

Only 5 days & no Merbabu :( . The decision made after my discussion with Mas Huda @ Kaboel from Indonesia. Obviously I forgot that there is no water on Merbabu, therefore if we climb Merbabu we must carry at least 10L of water each….That’s 10kg extra load man!

Secondly, if we were to climb Merbabu we need at least 7 days & I don’t have that many time to spend. We managed to book AirAsia ticket, costing us RM350 each inclusive of insurance.

Looking forward for this santai trip…….but…..just had SMS chat with Arey….while many members are busy at Dieng, it is quite easy actually to spend one day to Mount Sindoro!!! Heh heh heh

Truly extraordinary!

Some info about Dieng:

Dieng Plateau lies 2,093 m above sea level with the average temperature is 15° C and temparature will decrease to 0° on July to August.Possibly snows lightly covering the land of Dieng Plateau in layes
The environment of Dieng Plateau is owned by two regencies, Wonosobo and Banjarnegara. Wonosobo owns on the east ad Banjarnegara owns the west.
There are some tourist attraction on the east such as Tuk Bimo Lukar (water resource fro Serayu River)Warna Lake, Jaran Cave ect. On the west side, visitors can find ancient Hindu, Merdada Lake, Jimat Cave, the huge of well ‘Jalatunda’
Dieng Plateau lies in Dieng Village,Kejajar Subdistrict,Wonosobo Regency, about 26 km to the north of Wonosobo.

Potensi Obyek dan Daya Tarik Wisata
Sileri Crater
Sileri Crater also represent the widest active crater in Dieng Plateau.The crater has white colored water, as though the ex water to wash the rice prior to cook (called leri0Hence,the crater is named as SILERI.

Sikidang Crater
It is called ‘sikidang’ because the activities of the crater is like a baby deer jumping up and down,running and moving around.Sikidang crater contains boiling water hot water mix with mud,it can get to nearly 100°C

Candradimuka Crater
A huge well which has a diamater about 70-100 m.The beautiful natural stone-wall with is very beautiful.The crater constantly roar.

Merdada Lake
Merdada lake was a carter and the widest lake in Dieng Plateau, the total area 25 Ha and the depth about 2 – 10 M.

Balekambang Lake
The lake situated close to Arjuna Temple complex.There are a lot of freshwater fishes here.You can go fishing in the lake

Warna and Pengilon Lake
A big pond showing many colours on the surface.It was a volcano lake which contains many kind of mineral dan sulphur so that as the sun shines breaking through the pond,the ray reflects many bright colours.Beside the pond,there is another pond called Pengilon lake (pengilon means mirror) and believed that the pond’s surface could function as a mirror.

Dringo Lake
Dringo is a plant which grow around lake without planted by people. It was a crater which erupt in the year 1786

Cebong Crater
This lake was the basin was surrounded by hills which the ground water of hills filled up this basin.
Lake water used by local people of Sembungan for their daily needs.

Jalatunda Well
Like a giant well, Jalatunda well came from the dead crater for thousand years ago with 100 m diameter.
The local people believes that if someone can throw a stone across the well then their wishes will come true.

Tuk Bima Lukar Shower
Before entering the location of Dieng Plateau, in the entrance gate from the right side of Wonosobo,visitor can see a fountain made of ancient stone called pancuran Bima Lukar (Bima Lukar Shower).It really is a spring !According to the legend,believed that bathing at that spring would bring a special virtue to make one looks every young.

This hot water bathing place lies in the village of Somagede at the edge of Wadaslintang Dam.The water is very clean and it contain yodium mixture

The source of hot water does not comes magma activity gradien geotermis. Every 100m the temperature will increase 3,3° C. cause the effect of gas pressure which goes out from ground surface.

Village of Legetang
Ground movement which often happened as one of evidence that dieng is a vulcanic area
Mangli Bathing
Sikaram Water-fall
Experienced View through the street of Wonosobo – Dieng – Banjarnegara
Dieng Scenery
The group of Temple at Dieng Plateau.
Folk dance such as Kuda Kepang Dance,Angguk Dance, Lengger Dance

Water Recreation
The Meroda Lake is the suitable place for the water recreation since this lake has wide enough with the clear water condition.
Boating,fishing and swimming are activities can be done here.


Map of Dieng…

The itinerary is something like this:

Plan A

Day 1
4PM – Arrive at Jogja
5-9PM – Free & easy in Jogja (shop till drop I)

Day 2
7AM – Depart to Dieng Plateau ~ estimated 4-6 hours journey
1PM – Lunch & solat, then enjoy the places in Dieng

Plan B

It would be great if we can do this….

Day 1
4PM – Arrive at Jogja
4-6PM – Drive to Magelang & overnight there

Day 2
5-7AM – Wake up early & shoot sunrise with Borobudur as the background!
7-10AM – Option for those who wish to visit Borobudur while me, Ali & Jass may just linger around Magelang town
12PM – Depart to Dieng ~ estimated 2-4 hours ride
5PM – arrived at Dieng, overnight at Dieng

Continue the Same Plan

Day 3
Continue to visit places in Dieng

Day 4
7AM-12PM – Still at Dieng
12PM – Depart to Jogja ~ maybe 4 hours journey
4PM – Overnight in Jogja

Day 5
7AM-2PM Free & easy in Jogja (shop till drop II)
2PM – depart to airport
3:55PM – fly home
8PM – arrived at LCCT

Example of photos? Try this link

So, how?? :D


  1. hasmanizam October 14, 2008 at 9:21 am #

    If I need to choose I’ll choose plan B. Why?..because my wife tak penah gi Borobodur lagi. But either plan A or plan B doesn’t matter to me as long as I can go to Dieng….muahaha

  2. remi October 14, 2008 at 11:42 am #

    bawak wife gi dieng tuh…pastikan separate accomodation dari dr ali dan dr jamal dan mas jasni…kekekekeke

    mak…….purwacengnya tambah dikit lagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  3. hasmanizam October 14, 2008 at 12:06 pm #

    waduh mas remi…..kali ni purwacengnya haruslah yang murni…

  4. Jamal Rahman October 14, 2008 at 12:07 pm #

    For sure, for this trip…..the size does matter!! 7 people will definitely make the van crowded….I think I will opt for option B as it will be nearer to Wanosobo. Must study what else I can do in Magelang…….emm….Kaboel’s house is in Semarang….. :D

  5. dR ali October 14, 2008 at 1:18 pm #

    Plan B just nice… :D

  6. Jamal Rahman October 14, 2008 at 1:32 pm #

    Jangan jatuh parit lagi….kemaluan besar nanti

  7. sherrina October 16, 2008 at 10:29 am #

    have fun :)

  8. Jass October 17, 2008 at 8:42 am #
  9. Jass October 17, 2008 at 9:32 am #

    Tenguk set Wonosobo dan Brabudur dia sunrise tu USD? Kena ngulang balik Wonosobo

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