Haiyya…Monday oh Monday!

  1. Campus internet down due to power failure on weekends! Up within 1 hour…but….
  2. ICS (active directory) server down!! When I want to use them for teaching. But nevermind, why try access the local computer…but…
  3. The technician forgot the administrator password! Argh! I also don’t know! Then suddenly ICS is OK. But no internet connection……
  4. My SPSS in my notebook crashed…..when I want to use it.
  5. My MRI appointment postponed (AGAIN!!) due to technical problem. Wondering can the ortho surgeon do the reconstruction without MRI…..many people advised me not to do it. But I need to walk 7-8 hours continuously for about 2KM vertical & then another 7-8 hours trekking down Mount Rinjani in June 2009!

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