IIUM is not a public university!

It’s unfair! Yup….IIUM is a registered company but it was created as a company so that we can use English & Arab as the medium of instruction. Those days, only privates can use English as official language. (And now they are teaching science & math to young kids in English! And make a hoo-haa about it in newspaper trying to defend their move).

We got 100% budget from government. We have to follow Government Order (GO). We don’t make profit. More importantly our salary & promotion follows government scheme. But because we are a company…..we are treated as one. One of the major issue now…..all our allowance (that constitute almost 40% of the salary) are taxable!

Come on lah government!! Sedar lah sikit! If we are a government institute, rectify this private-publis status once & for all. Or…just give us the salary of the private medical university lecturers! *BIG GRIN* (something like quardruple than the current rate).


  1. hasmanizam March 26, 2009 at 9:37 am #

    Last 2 weeks…if i’m not mistaken support staff union (KURNIA) held a briefing with CUEPECS President, Omar Osman here in Kuantan. They are now fighting to get what staff in Public University suppose to get especially on ‘pencen’. We are no different at all with other Public Universities except we are registered under company law. Guess what….CUEPECS will bring this to our new PM (kalau jadi la)…sbb mesti byk janji2 dia akan tabur….so selit satu CUEPECS nyer request….. :)

  2. Jamal Rahman March 27, 2009 at 6:06 am #

    Yelar tu…percaya sangat lah dengan ahlil-politik…

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