Geocities will be gone soon!

I have started creating websites since 1996. My first serious website was the website for my health office, Jerantut Health Office. It was created using Microsoft Frontpage, a simple WYSIWYG (plus Notepad of course) & was hosted at Geocities (a Yahoo! product). Recently I received an email telling me that Geocities will cease to operate real soon. It’s rather sad actually….


In this website, I share my experience as a young doctor serving the rural area in Pahang. I can confidently say here that it was the first website for a health office in Malaysia and the website was officiated by the Minister of Health that very time…..who is now has joined PKR :D .


I was slowly falling in love with public health when I created the website. I rarely want to tell people why I chose public health as my specialty because I also not sure why. I just like it. Love the interaction with people. Love going to many places and not to clinic or OT only everyday. But that is a different story…..not gonna elaborate about it now.

I created few other websites using Geocities including my medic alumni. But I do not what had happened to it & I even forgot the username & password. I just backed up the Jerantut website & hopefully one day I managed to create a website for my experience in Jerantut & Tembeling…..

To Yahoo! thank you for creating such wonderful free medium for us to show our creativity!

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