My E71 survived the water! Now running with new apps….

Thanks God, my E71 survived the Tioman rain! On the way to the boat from our room in Tioman, me & all of us had to run in the heavy rain. With bags in my both hands, not forgetting my Lowepro Computrekker full with photography gears I ran toward the boat with my family…and I forgot that the phone was in my waist pouch. Upon reaching the boat, I was separated with my family. Me & my youngest daughter at the front section & wife together with the rest of the family at the back section. I managed to get a seat but I think my wife & the rest were not. Since the boat was overloaded, those standing were asked to board another boat which just arrived. Not sure whether wife & the rest were going to the boat or not….I tried to call her…and there….I saw my E71 soaked with water. I immediately took out the battery & I can then only wish than the phone will be OK. I put the phone in my dry box for 2 days….and now the phone is already OK.

Not sure what had happened, the phone was then very slow. So without hesitation, I just re-installed the new firmware & my phone backed to its usual performance.

I installed all the usual apps; Athan, QuickOffice 6 (free upgrade), Mini Opera, Location Tagger, all relevant Handy apps, Nokia Email, Google Map, Mail for Exchange & Gravity (for twitter).

I like Gravity, so I bought it for MYR35.22. The app is super easy. To twit, just type using the keypad…and then send. Wow!

I also installed the free Mail for Exchange (MfE) to sync my Google calendar & Gmail contact with my phone, and later to my Outlook. You need to configure the followings:

Connection (I’ll upload the screenshot later)

Credentials (I’ll upload the screenshot later)

And you need to select what app to sync. Only calendar & contact are valid for Google for the time being. I got problem with the credentials. As if my password was wrong. And tru Google I discovered that I need to request capthca unlock from this website. Done that twice already but not sure succesful or not….


  1. hasmanizam July 31, 2009 at 8:53 am #

    My wife’s E71 is still in coma mode. Soaked in 100 plus water. I’m thinking to neutralize the water and then put in dry box again……what an experiment?

  2. Paulo March 11, 2010 at 5:26 pm #

    hi there….
    by any chance, did your phone had any troubles with the battery? with full charge, it was normal or did it only lasted 12 or 14 hours?
    Best regards

  3. Jamal Rahman March 13, 2010 at 8:18 pm #

    So far, the battery is OK. The phone is with my wife now. It lasted 4 days with a single charge.

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