P1 WiMax experience

On Thursday I accidently browsed P1 website and to my surprise my area is covered!! Wow. Without hesitation I registered online & the very nexy day I received the modem. The access is via Mac address, meaning I can access only using the modem supplied! Haiyya…what a waste because my notebook support WiMax.

Installation was quite easy. Plug-in the power & the modem will search for the signal. Within less than 1 minute it managed to get the signal. I was so happy…..but later I realized, the signal was not realiable. Most of the time the signal was red. Meaning very very poor & so often the signal dropped. I was thinking to return the modem because they have 7 days trial with money back guarantee.

I searched internet & came to know that by placing the modem facing the source of the signal, I can get better connection. True enough!! I studied the coverage map & guessed that their tower may be placed at one of the tower near my area. I placed the modem at the other side of my house, at the 2nd floor…and wow!! Now it is connecting mostly full bar!!! Yezza…!!!

Browsing the internet is fast (by Malaysian standard that is). Downloading can achieve up to 50 kbps of which usually with Streamyx, the best is 10 kbps.

Now still checking its reliability & buy Monday I’ll decide whether to return the modem or not.

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