My photography workflow

Just wanna share my bit on my workflow. Oh btw workflow here means how one manage their photos i.e. from the memory card (CF or SD) then to storage medium then how they catalog, insert metada including the copyright statement.

At the moment I have been using ACDsee Pro 2.5. Mine is pretty simple, I sort my photos by date. All photos are kept in folders reflecting their date. First folder for the year, then month & days. Few problems, it is quite common that I share photos from multiple dates in one CF. Sorting the photos into the designated folders is not a problem but to insert keyword is indeed troublesome. I need to select photos with similar characteristics & to store them first, then select another group of photo, insert relevant metada & store them again.

Doing that many times is not really a hassle but the waiting is like hell especially when I shoot raw most of times. Waiting one time is OK…but need to wait many time is hell.

I tried Adobe Bridge as it has great compatibility with all Adobe software but Bridge is slow.

I have been using the same workflow since time immemorial but recently I encountered problem. I failed to search for photo I already tagged in ACDsee! Haiyya. Need a lot of time guessing when the photos were shot. Google brought me to various sites & blogs & many recommending Lighroom. So now I am trying Adobe Lightroom. So far it is faster than even ACDsee. Great! Will archive all my photos again.

9-10-2009 6-05-14 AM

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