Danau Toba Part 2

A bit busy lately. Few workshops & conferences in between. The never ending meetings & research. Now a bit free to continue the story of our trip to Danau Toba.

In Day 1, after had our lunch at Simarjarunjung, we went to Parapat to meet other Indonesian friends but along the way we stopped at many beautiful places. We photographed a lot of farms including a tea plantation at Sidamanik.

We reached Parapat a bit late, maybe around 5:30PM or something. Pak Pulus, Rusdy etc were already there shooting The Pesta Danao Toba annual event. We shot sunset at Parapat & then join the fun shooting various Batak traditional shows there.

Then at about 8:00PM we rode a ferry to Samosir Island. It was a slow 45 minutes ride to the main island on Toba Lake. We checked into Samosir Village hotel after a quick late dinner at Bernard’s Restaurant. The next very morning, Day 2 of Danau Toba trip, we shot sunrise from the hotel’s area.

Then we had a quick breakfast, shower…before photo touring the rest of the Island.

Later in the afternoon after a simple lunch, we moved to the northen site of the island. I would say that this is the climax of the Danau Toba trip. Photographing people of Tao Toba was a great experience in my life!

That’s the end of Day 2 at Danau Toba!! Will continue the Day 3 pictures later.


  1. Azri November 8, 2009 at 2:59 pm #

    sesungguhnya amat luarbiasa..

  2. sherrina December 12, 2009 at 8:17 am #

    Sangat suka gambar budak dengan kerbau masa sunset tu.

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