Threaded SMS on E71 – An update

Since my last post about threaded SMS on E71, I just rely on 2 apps for SMS, the built in Nokia Messaging and SmsChat. While I love SmsChat layout, it lacks so many other basic function of a SMS app. Example, you can’t paste anything you copied to clipboard and you can’t even forward a message to another person. For new message you won’t be able to add multiple contacts i.e. you won’t be able to ‘spam’ your friends :D SmsChat was last updated on Jan 2009. It is about time for Symbian Wave to release a new & better one.

I am still hoping for the release version of Nokia Conversation but it is even worse, last update was in Dec 2008!

Somehow I miss my Palm’s threaded SMS but since Palm Pre won’t be available in Malaysia soon……I guess I better look at iPhone. *grin*

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