D300s is noisy

I finally upgraded my D200 to D300s. I actually sold one D200 before & bought D300. But the new camera was with me for less than 4 months before I sold it & bought a new D200. I was using D200 for about 1 year before I decided to upgrade to D300s.

People asked me whether D300s is worth the upgrade from D200. I can sincerely say that, it depends on one’s pocket. If budget is an issue, stick with D200. I will serve you well for a couple more years. What the heck, a friend of mine is still using D70s & sold many pictures already. Why I upgraded to D300s?

Not sure actually. One main reason was the ISO. Having been shooting low lite landscape with D200 recently in Langkawi was pretty disappointing. However I tested D300s a lot lately & it is not that better than D200. Almost all my indoor shots even with flash have noise. The noise is different than the noise from D200 but it is there. Obvious when viewed from monitor. Be it from a 27″ iMac or my 12″ Thinkpad.

How about its video? Well, I don’t fancy video so much…..but indoor video recorded during my brother in-law’s engagement was horrible.

Other than that D300s is pretty fine. The speed is great. Since I already used D300 before, so D300s is not really something super extra ordinary kind of camera.

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