I am using iPhone now!!

Yeay! I finally took the jump!

Despite all the bad things I heard about iPhone, I went to Maxis Centre on Saturday & bought a 16GB 3Gs iPhone at RM2490 using my Hotlink (prepaid) account. Of course I am not gonna use Maxis line. I am using Celcom…. *evil grin* So tested it for one day & loving the phone despite some rants about it……of which I’ll tell soon.

Yes, the phone is unlocked! So you guys can use it with any line.

It is solid. Very very user friendly. No multi tasking. So? I am OK so far.

What I did to it. I bought &  install few apps.

  1. Power Search - to search contact by letter – USD1.99 – which is a built-in feature in Nokia E71/72
  2. Quickoffice & Connect - USD7.99 – for Office documents – The connect app is free. Its to sync with my docs stored in GoogleDoc. Somehow iTunes can’t sync documents stored in PC.
  3. Pocket Informant – USD?? (forgot) – a calendar replacement – Another frustration – Not able to sync with Outlook! Haiya. The built-in calendar can sync with Outlook tho’ but the calendar itself is pretty basic.

Free useful apps are:

  1. uQuran (not the pro one tho’)
  2. iPray – athan app
  3. XE Converter

I’ll explore more when I have the time.

Oh btw….Microsoft Exchange sync very smoothly with iPhone. So that’s my way to sync my calendar & contact actually. Only that I have to use iPhone basic calendar to access the task & appointments.

And….one more thing….almost forgot about it. The battery life is horrible! Need to bring my mobile charger every where now. I browsed the net for solution, in the Apple website, they recommend us to shut down almost everything to save battery! If that’s the case, then better don’t use all the features. Ntah hapa hapa.


  1. remi March 8, 2010 at 5:06 pm #

    eehehhe…lagu boyz II men baru – battery runs dry

  2. buns May 5, 2010 at 11:34 pm #

    skang berapa banyak apps yg dah install?

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