What Tilopa is not?

I bought this expensive camera backpack for awhile now. The bag is great but it is not suitable for travel photography. It is good for outdoor photography though. I normally find it very good for my hiking & short days camping. I am happy to use the bag for my regular Panorama Hill climb. But for my oversea trip, I had to leave the bag at home.

The bag is too small for the main backpack but too big to carry into the plane’s cabin.

During our recent 7 days Indonesia travel, I wish I can use the bag at Mt Bromo & Mt Ijen. But I didn’t bring it because the size issue. I will never put my camera bag inside the plane’s luggage.

So now…..I have another excuse to find a complementary bags….or maybe ‘just’ camera pouch……ThinkTank holsters are in my mind, together with the harness & belt.

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