A break in Buaya Sangkut

Not sure whether I am gonna rest or not……but I am surely need one. At least my mind need one. So this weekend I am going shooting again…..Shooting picture. Will trek for 3 days & 2 nights in Endau-Rompin Rainforest. Our ultimate destination will be Buaya Sangkut Waterfall. Just google for the name & you’ll see so many pictures of this beautiful waterfall.

We will meet at Kahang in Mersing before going with 4×4 to Kuala Sungai Jasin. We will stay overnight at Kuala Jasin first. Only on second day we will trek to Buaya Sangkut. The journey was estimated to be 3-4 hours by foot. There gonna be a lot of that blood sucking little creature. Now I am worry. I already plan to wear my Teva sandal.

As always, I am struggling to choose what bag to use. I need to carry 2 camera bodies, D3 & D300s; 14-24mm, 70-200mm & 105mm lenses; tripod; 2-men tent, sleeping mate, foods, stove & dry cloths. Hmmm…wonder whether my 45L Tilopa fit for the job?

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