Rinjani The Return 2011

The recent Air Asia free ticket had really caused me a lot of havoc. Even though me & few of fellow friends had been to Mount Rinjani, we want to go there again. The morning of 18th May I managed to go to the website & the price to Bali was already RM24 (excluding tax, one-way). I was excited. SMS, called & posted message in our Flickr group…..and within 2 hours 14 people confirmed to join the trip in May 2011. But then I was not able to login to AirAsia website….even until today.

So finally we decided to forget our wish to get good airfare to Denpasar. And for that matter why should we go in May 2011 when the better time is June or July.

I plan for a 6 day trip as follow:

  • D1 – LCCT-Denpasar-Mataram-Sembalun Lawang
  • D2 – Sembalun Lawang-Plawangan 2
  • D3 – Plawangan 2-Summit-Lake Camp Area
  • D4 – Lake Camp Area-Plawangan 1-Senaru-Mataram
  • D5 – Mataram-Bali
  • D6 – Denpasar-LCCT

I just hope all routes to Rinjani will be open for public by July 2011.

To all my friends, climbing Mount Rinjani is unlike our recent trip to Mount Bromo & Mount Ijen. This is a very physical trip. A non-stop 10 hours walk up the mountain with heavy load. There is not many water source, so we even have to carry our own water and the rest of the equipments like tent etc.


  1. admin@10thbatch May 26, 2010 at 9:29 pm #

    i wish i (& other team members) could reach there 1 day.insyaAllah..

  2. Jamal Rahman May 26, 2010 at 11:06 pm #

    This is indeed a great place to visit. Plan properly & go! :D

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