Trekking in Malaysian rainforest

I have been trekking in few Malaysian jungles. Not as often as many hardcores that already conquered several mountains, and many had successfully did Trans Titiwangsa, which is considered as the toughest trek in Peninsular Malaysia.

I usually go for photography. Any place that is beautiful & worth the journey. Several day trekking like Air Terjun Pelangi in Sungai Lembing, 5 hours trekking deep inside Ulu Dong jungle in Raub, 18 hours continuous walk at Nuang in Selangor & recently 6 hours of tough journey to Buaya Sangkut in Endau-Rompin Johor.

Compared to few volcanoes I had climbed in Indonesia, these journey in Malaysian jungles are tougher & more physical.

Gears for local trekking are so different than what we can find from online stores or every where else in the world.

  1. About the shoes, forget about brand like Adidas, Nike, Timberland or that kind of brand….they are lousy in Malaysian jungle. Can consider Teva sandals, but the champion for wet, hot & humid Malaysian jungle is that al-cheapo rubber shoes, which is normally used by rubber tapper. It cost no more than RM8 but can do more than any super expensive brand one can find in super exclusive outdoor shops……including my RM299 Teva sandal! If you wish to buy sandal, make sure you buy the one with front cover or else your feet will get caught under covered branch or tree.
  2. Leech or better called as ‘pacat’ locally is the natural blood sucker when travel in tropical rainforest. It is good to wear leech sock or fine office sock. Sport sock is not suitable because pacat can still penetrate. Example of the suitable leech sock is available here.
  3. For trouser, wear long trouser or 3/4 guys unless you don’t mind pacat climb to your private part. Thin & easy to dry material is preferred. I saw quite a number of experienced trekkers wearing tights. They said it is thin, breathable& easy to dry. I normally wear my quick dry track bottom or 3/4.
  4. Wear quick dry t-shirt is the best. Tuck-in please. Bright colour is preferred for various reasons. You can be seen from far & somehow insects don’t like bright colour. They love black shirt.
  5. Wear head cover. Again bright colour quick dry material is preferred. I usually use buff to cover my head. You don’t really need to be scared of sun because you’ll rarely see them.
  6. Bag….this is super important. Use suitable bag for long haul journey or else you’ll injure your body. Use real outdoor bag. Not camera bag! Regardless how great the advertisement is! I never come across any suitable camera bag for trekking including my RM1000 f-stopgear Tilopa!
  7. Torch light, matches, fly sheet, rope, knife or small machette are super important.
  8. GPS or compass is also important.

Always think safety whenever you go into deep jungle. Anything can happen. Always go with buddy or friends.

Also make sure you dispose all rubbish especially plastics, bottle etc well. Bring them out from the jungle. Do not put any food unattended. There are flies, ants and even big animals that love those free meals.

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