Danau Toba 2010, a great photo travel!! Part 2

At Balige, we went straight to Bang Sebastian Hutabarat’s art gallery. He is a photo enthuthiast too. He served a delicious fried Nila fish with rice and andaliman source. Since we were hungry, we ate a lot! Thanks Bang Sebastian! Then we boarded a boat to Tiara Buanga hotel which is still in the mainland but not accesible by road.

We slept here, which was said as the place used to be visited by the country’s VVIP, including The President. It cost us IDR400,000 per room after a huge discount. The very next morning we went out & shoot sunrise. So unfortunate for me, I accidentally reformatted the whole CF card & then overwitten them with other pictures. Because of that I do not able to recover the files. Only few pictures left.

We had our breakfast & immediately boarded the boat again to Balige town & continued our journey to Dolok Tolong, Hutaginjang and Bakkara. That day was the most hectic day of our journey. I might have shot > 1000 pictures for that one day if not because of the formatted CF.

Basically we just went out shooting all the landscapes & human interest surrounding this great lake. And indeed there were so many beautiful sceneries. I simply love Lake Toba.

Dolok Tolong Series

Hutaginjang Series

Bakkara Series

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