Danau Toba 2010, a great photo travel!! Part 3

This is going to be my last entry for this great trip.

The second day was a very hectic day. We traveled from Balige to Dolok Tolong to Hutaginjang & to Bakkara (Desa Simamora) before going to Saulina Resort at Pangururan. We were indeed very tired.

I love all the scenery along the way to Pangururan.

That night, we got emergency call for one of our friend. We rushed him to Medan to take the earliest flight to Malaysia. Alhamdulillah, now everything is already OK. After shooting sunrise from Tele, I went to Medan with Doc Budie to send dR ALi home, so we missed Sipiso-piso but it is OK as I have been there once. The journey was pretty long & tiring. We reached Medan at about 1:30PM. Managed to get 3:30PM flight to KL. After settling few things, we drove back to Berastagi & met all the friends at Sibayak Mutinasional Guesthouse. We slept early because we plan to climb Mount Sibayak the next day.

The very next morning, we left hotel at about 5AM. Prayed Fajr before the ascend. I was first a bit worry because I didn’t prepare that much like my usual mountain hiking because someone told me it was only a 45 minutes walk. But the guide kept on telling us that he usually took 90 mins to reach the summit! So I walked fast. With Emran in front….we left all our friends behind. And to our surprise we reached the summit in only 30 mins.

And subhanallah…the sunrise was great!

After spending few hours shooting pictures & admiring the landscape….we descended, had a few hours rest & by 2PM we were already on our way to Medan. We had a quick chat with fellow Medan photographers & by 9PM, we were already checked-in & ready to board AirAsia home.

Overall, this is one great trip!

I had a lot of pictures & fun. Because of that we are planning to go there again this October!! :D

Never say that you have been to Danau Toba if you have not been to these wonderful places!

Muliate! Horras.


  1. Heng November 10, 2012 at 8:21 am #

    dear jamal,

    i am going with my parents to medan>berastagi>danau toba in december.

    i like your photos and description of your trip. i am particularly attracted to the sunrise photo from mt sibayak.

    you mentioned that you took 30 minutes to get to the summit of mt sibayak. may i ask two questions here?

    1. my parents are 53 and 65 years old. mom is especially not very fit with her legs if she has to climb (even climbing staircases). do you think i should bring them up to the summit? or do you suggest that i go by myself and have my parents visiting some other places around berastagi? i really want to go up to the mt sibayak?

    2. i read that there are several ways to get up to the summit. which one way is the way you use to get up to the summit within 30 minutes?

    i look forward to hearing from you. thank you :)


  2. Jamal Rahman November 18, 2012 at 9:42 pm #

    Hi Heng,

    Even though Mt Sibayak is not tough but for old people it may be too troublesome for them. Its 30 minutes for me but most people require 1-1:30 hours. Your parents can visit the market at Berastagi.

    To go to the summit, better you get someone to bring you to the nearest point to the summit by car. If you walk from Brastagi, you require longer time. I do not know specifically the name of the route we took. Sorry.

    Have a pleasant trip.


  3. heng November 19, 2012 at 12:50 am #

    thanks jamal for the information :)

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