How I create my watermark

I am using Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop for my watermark.

For example this one is made by writing on my Wacom Bamboo using Illustrator, add some more text & save it in .ai format. Then I created an Action File using Photoshop. I’ll try to outline the steps (I’ll add in some screenshots when I have more time):

  1. Open the photo I want to edit in Photoshop, whatever format.
  2. Start to record an action file (Go to Windows > Action and file an icon to ‘Create New Action”)
  3. I normally set the image size by using File > Automate > Fit Image (set to 1200 pix for both dimensions) & also Image > Image Size & reduce the Resolution to 72 dpi without Resample Image (i.e. keeping it at 1200 pix at longest dimension). This step is to ensure that the size of image will be standardized so that our watermark won’t appear too big or too small.
  4. Then I pause the recording of my action because I have to transfer & create path for the watermark.
  5. I open my .ai watermark file in Photoshop. I just click continue/OK to whatever default steps after that. And by using Move tool I move my watermark to the photo I just resized.
  6. Once my watermark is on the photo, I moved it the upper left corner of the picture & resize it as appropriate. But don’t make it too small because it will cause problem when we select later.
  7. Then on the Layer panel (please don’t tell me you do not know where Layer panel is if you are using Photoshop!!), I select the watermark by pressing CTRL & click on the layer that has the watermark.
  8. I then adjust the selection by going to Select > Refine Edge. I normally use ‘Shift Edge’ to make the selection bigger (in CS5).
  9. Then I go to Path panel (next to Layer & Channel) & click icon Make New Path From Selection.
  10. I highlight the path layer & then I go back to my Action panel & Insert Path (I can’t describe the icon to access this Insert Path – later I add screenshot). No worry even though we pause recording…..Photoshop will still record the path.
  11. Then run action record again, add a new layer, select the path on the path panel.
  12. Then using whatever colour you like, Pain Bucket the selection. Walla!! You got your watermark ready.
  13. The next things to do are just to resize & reposition the watermark to the place you like. Please use Select, Layers>Align for this purpose. Do not use you mouse to move the watermark. The action you are recording must make every steps accommodating both portrait & landscape layout.
  14. Then you can stop recording your watermark action.
  15. Use the action to whatever photo you want after that.

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