Photo Travel to Ulu Kemapan

Kemapan is actually a tributary of Sungai Endau in Endau-Rompin Rainforest Park that cover two states in Peninsular Malaysia.

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On 17th July 2010, me & my fellow friends from Kuantan & KL went there for 2 nights.  We started the trekking from 6:30AM, a 6 hours delay from the planned time due to various problems. It took us 7 hours to reach Kemapan campsite.

Total journey was about 10 km. We stopped at few places. The first was when we crossed Kincin River, after about 1 hour trekking. Then we stopped at a place known as 100 Plus, basically to check for leech & to have a quick dip in a cool & fresh river. After about 5 hours trekking we arrived at Genat Waterfall.

We had a long rest here. We ate instant noodle to give us some energy before the 200m uphill climb. About 2 hours later, we arrived at the campsite near Kemapan River.

We spent 2 nights there. On the second day, we went upstream the river to photograph the waterfalls. We were not so lucky because it was raining from afternoon till late at night.

On the third day we trekked back to Taman Negeri Pahang entrance.

I used porter to carry most of the heavy stuff like tripod & tent. I just carried my Nikon D3, 17-35mm & a macro setup. I used Lowepro Primus to carry the camera equipment. That was already 12 kg including 3L of isotonic drink. I used the local rubber shoes & it was indeed a great shoes but not suitable to walk on hard surface.

Overall the journey was fun but the view was just OK. Maybe I was tired to enjoy the scenery, and the rain managed to spoil the mood. Despite a very long journey, Ulu Kemapan is surely easier than Buaya Sangkut expedition!


  1. As July 22, 2010 at 9:55 am #

    Sangat2 enjoy!
    tak sangka bukit taubat sampai 200m. fuh. hehe :)
    10km overall, means..dekat jela kan. konfius :)

  2. emran July 23, 2010 at 10:30 am #

    hehehhe… jom batu dinding plak.. tasik kening ker.. ehehhe

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