Itinerary for JATIM Photo Travel

A friend, who is a famous professional photographer in Malaysia…some say in Philippine also…he he he was asking me simple itinerary to Kawah Ijen or other suitable places in Indonesia. Not because he can’t make it on his own. Just wanna get input based from my experience.

So here it goes Enche Ted Adnan…. :D

Few good places (I think) which are good for photo travel (people & places) in JATIM are:

  1. Mount Bromo & surrounding at Ngadisari
  2. Madakaripura Waterfall, also in Ngadisari
  3. Papuma Beach in Jember
  4. Kawah Ijen

So to go to these places, here is my recommendation based on my previous travel.

  • D1 – KL-Surabaya-Cemara Indah (~4 Hours bus ride)
  • D2 – Cemara Indah-Bromo-Ranupane Lake-Cemara Indah
  • D3 – Cemara Indah-Madakaripura Waterfall-Catimur Homestay (at Jampit) (~ 6 Hours)
  • D4 – Catimur Homestay – Paltuding (basecamp) – Kawah Ijen (3 hours slow walk) – Paltuding – Catimur Homestay
  • D5 – Catimur Homestay – Papuma Beach – Surabaya (~6 Hours)
  • D6 – Surabaya – KL

For sample of pictures of these places, just search my blog here. Hope that helps Ted! :D

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  1. emran September 12, 2010 at 12:52 pm #

    sibuk nak promote blog entri sendiri.. :P

    nie entry dari travel bromo-ijen-surabaya part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 (ijen)… sampailah part 6 …

    shahreen punya entri sini

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