Java Mountains

How many volcanic mountains you can see in this picture? Hint, see the tag ;)

Java mountains keep on haunting me. The very first mountain I never ever imagine I could climb, Mount Merapi will always be the best mountain from all other scenic mountains I had climb. Since Merapi, I have been to Mount Lawu located in central-east Java border. Apart from that I have been only to Mount Rinjani in Lombok & Mount Ijen in East Java. Bromo is also a mountain but it is a simple & full with tourist kind of mountain. A small mountain we climbed recently was Mount Sibayak in Northern Sumatera.

I don’t go & climb any mountain. I am not proud of the number of mountains I climbed. I just long for its beautiful landscape. Therefore I don’t mind climbing them many times.

We are already planning to climb Mount Rinjani in July 2011. Yup…next year. It cost us RM280 for round trip to Bali. Else we need to pay up to RM500. I may want to climb Mount Merapi again, then proceed to Mount Merbabu….now planning with a friend. Mount Lawu is also beautiful. Oh btw….next month, we will climb Sibayak again *grin*

We are also trying a mountain in Taiwan in May next year. That gonna be my first mountain outside Indonesia.

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  1. ron September 28, 2010 at 11:51 am #

    yeah, the feeling of conquering a summit and with the spectacular view is just so satisfying. BTW, I found your blog when I was looking for info on Mt Rinjani, climbed it last July.

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