The trek to Rainbow Waterfall….tough one!

The next day, we walked further upstream. We came across so many beautiful small waterfalls. The nearest to Batu Hampar was Air Terjun Batu Kawah. It is about 45 minutes walk from Batu Hampar. The rock formation and the waterfall was simply amazing!

We walked further up. It was difficult journey. We walked 95% of the time in the river, on slippery and slimy rocks. Since we were walking in the water, passing fast flowing stream, rarely we encounter the horrible pacat. We even need to hike a small hill to pass Air Terjun Batu Kawah. The climb was steep and there a rope to assist us.

After 2 hours walking, we reached our main objective of coming here…..the extraordinary Air Terjun Pelangi, Kuala Sentul version!!

Are there rainbows here? Absolutely!!! Plenty of them. But during the trip, we can only see them when we were under the fall. And the experience was simply amazing!

This Rainbow Waterfall is tougher to reach than the one in Sungai Lembing, but the scenery worth all the pain.

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  1. As October 6, 2010 at 10:24 pm #

    the scenery worth all the pain.

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