Toba, my 3rd visit. Was it my last?

On 21st October, me & 7 other friends went to Sumatera with the objective to photograph landscape from Mount Sibayak and the beauty around Lake Toba. We planned this few months before and we did not know that the date coincided with Pesta Danau Toba.

The visit was my 3rd time to Lake Toba, and the 2nd this year. Will that be my last? Maybe, unless I have extremely strong reason to go back. Sipiso-piso, Sidamanik, Parapat, Balige, Samosir (Tuk-tuk), Bakkara, Sosor Dolok, Silalahi, Tongging, Dolok Tolong, Hutaginjang, Berastagi & Tele are the places that I have been. New place that we went during the last visit was Tara Bunga. Tara Bunga is beautiful but we were unlucky as it was raining when we arrived.

If I were to come back again to Sumatera, I plan to visit Padang & Acheh. I still wish to climb Mount Sinabung and hope to photograph Lake Toba from its summit.

For this trip, the schedule was:

D1 – Medan – Berastagi – Tasik Lau Kawar
D2 – Mount Sibayak – Sipiso-piso – Parapat – Balige
D3 – Tara Bunga – Dolok Tolong – Parapat – Samosir – Pangururan
D4 – Tele – Medan

Few of my favorite shots from the trip:

#1 Early morning lightning seen from Sibayak.

#2 Sea of clouds

#3 Lake Toba from Sipiso-piso

#4 Sunset at Balige

#5 The fisherman at Balige

#6 Lake Toba from Tara Bunga

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  1. emran November 3, 2010 at 5:15 pm #

    revisit for 2S 1T

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