Operation Yushan

When Remi (or was it Emran??) sms-ed me months ago inviting me & Ali to join their trip to Yushan or Jade Mountain in Taiwan, I was so excited. First time hiking outside Malaysia & Indonesia! I checked my academic calendar & immediately sent my conformation (and only recently realized I saw the time table wrongly!).

So in first week of May, insyaAllah, we will fly to Taipei & climb Yushan on D2.

I studied the trek only recently. We will depart from Tataka Anbu Entrance then walk 1.7 KM to Menglu Pavilion then passing the Entry to Yushan Front Peak after 2.3KM. After White-wood Forest (3002M) we need to walk another 1.8 KM to reach the Great Precipice. Further 1.7 KM hike will bring us to Paiyun Lodge (3402M). But Paiyun is closed for renovation now. Hence we applied permit to go to Yuanfong, located to the south of the Main Peak (the highest peak)! We must reach Paiyun before 2PM, else we need to abandon our adventure. Most people reach Paiyun in 5 hours time. So I suggest that we depart from Tataka as early as possible….maybe even at 5AM. Fajr will be around 4:10AM local time…..so 5AM is a great time to trek. Especially when we know we are slow.

I am not sure which peak the group wanna summit the very next day….

(Map from Creation TW‘s YouTube)

Looking at the route & height I think Yushan is almost similar like Mount Kinabalu. Paiyun is like Laban Rata. But then we need to trek beyond Paiyun and camp at Yuanfong. I was told there is still snow up the mountain and being someone who has no experience with snow…..it scares me!

Here is Jeremy Joslin’s EveryTrail record…

Yushan Trip (Jade Mountain, Taiwan)

EveryTrail – Find hiking trails in California and beyond

I plan to bring only one camera body, well now I only have one after I sold my D300s recently. As for lens, I may just bring one wide angle (either 14-24 or 17-35) and my 85mm. I will bring my Feisol CF tripod & the lighter Photoclam ballhead. For the bag, I may just carry the set inside my Deuter AirContact Pro. I don’t think I want to carry too many bags while hiking.

Wish me luck! Doa for me please….

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