We conquered Yushan (玉山)!! Part 1

Yes! Alhamdulillah…..me & fellow friends managed to climb Yushan Main Peak on 4th May 2011.

The journey to Taiwan begun on 1st May. We drove to Remi’s house in Shah Alam using Ali’s car. We left the car there & together with Remi, we rendezvous with Arey & Todd at LCCT. We distributed the luggage & repacked our bagpacks. Alhamdulillah, the service at AirAsia X counters were great! They really wanna help us.

The flight to Taiwan took more than 4 hours & I regretted for not bringing my iPad. Ali got the windows seat, while me at the aisle. I have not been shooting picture for sometimes & I somehow didn’t have the usual zeal to capture anything.

We arrived after 3PM. This was my first time in Taiwan but everything was fine. I sense no hostility. We were greeted nicely my the airport officials despite being the only Malays in the entire airport…well, that was what we felt that time. :) After the immigration, we fetched our bags & straight to the bus station. English is rarely spoken here. The signage were just enough but not that informative.

We bought the ticket to Main Bus Station. I didn’t know where that was, but that’s what Todd & Remi planned for. People queue to get into the bus & they have some sort of quota to each destination. Even for the bus ride, our bags were tagged so that we won’t accidentally took someone else bag. Hmm….. those bus sevices at LCCT should adopt this!

Once arrived we headed to the hostel, previously booked by Todd. It was Happy Family Hostel! Hmm…I noticed so many shops using ‘Happy’ as their English name. I wonder why….

That very night, Hashim, Todd & Remis’ friend brought us to a halal restaurant for a round of sumptuous dinner.

We ended the day by shooting Taipei 101. I still prefer our Twin Tower. We have great pond with beautiful park, and at night, Twin Tower is very beautiful as compared to Taipei 101.



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