My first Cameron Highland ride…..almost

Yesterday a group of 8 riders from Kuantan, together with another 7 brothers from Raub attempted Pos Betau – Ringlet climb. From Kuantan, on Friday’s night, we stayed at a Youth Dormitory in Kuala Medang. Not great but acceptable place given the mis-communication problem we experienced about the initial booking. The very next day, we met our fellow Raub cyclists at Sungai Koyan during breakfast. There were also few Sungai Koyans’ riders. We thanked them for the breakfast. Unfortunately there was mis-communication, they thought we will start from Sungai Koyan. So only Kuantan & Raubs’ teams went to Pos Betau.



We gathered at Pos Betau & at almost 9AM, after a quick briefing, we started the ride. The first 20KM was an easy 400m ascend. We stopped for re-group & to refill our water. Took some energy food. Then after almost 30 minutes, we continued the ride. The second 20KM was a bit tough but personally I was still feeling great. Took some water. But this time we did not wait for the whole team to arrive as we already waited too long. We continued the journey with few friends still have not arrive.

The last 20KM was HELL! At least for me. At kilometre 45, I had severe cramp! From an average of 2-3 minutes per KM, now I took 5 minutes per KM. The last 15KM was a nightmare for me. Experiencing episodes of cramps involving the entire lower limb. Sprayed pain killer but still to no avail. It kept on coming. Was it because of not enough food? Not enough drink? I am not sure. One by one of my fellow friend overtook me. I could only managed to smile at them. I was not panting, not tired, my heart rate was about 150 bpm…..but my legs just refused to go. In the last 5KM two sweeper cars came & offered me a ride to Ringlet. Obviously the rest were already at Ringlet. But I still refused the offer.



Finally after more than 3 hours in total, minus the pit stops, I reached Ringlet. Still in agony but happy as I managed to complete the ride!

Thanks to everyone. What a great team there. We are no experienced riders, yet slowly we managed to climb more than 1300m!


  1. Hanafi September 28, 2011 at 7:50 am #

    Salam Doc, saya selalu follow blog ni. Nak tanya pendapat, kalau ikut condition jalan di Kuantan, faktor usia (37 tahun – dah tua2 baru nak kayuh basikal), dan budget (RM1500 ke bawah) apa patut saya beli? Tujuan lebih untuk rekreasi. Nak beli MTB @ Hybrid, rasanya teringin gak nak tour jauh2 nanti mcm dlm entri ni. Mohon pandangan doc.. heaps thans

  2. Jamal Rahman October 6, 2011 at 8:14 am #

    Saudara Hanafi,

    37 tahun tu tua? Try 42. Usia bukan penghalang. Berbasikal ada beberapa jenis. Jika saudara suka sukan lasak, keseronokan ketika merentas permukaan offroad, maka saya sarankan MTB. Jika suka berkayuh dekat2 sekeliling rumah or Kuantan, selalu atas jalan raya, kadang2 mahu offroad, maka MTB juga sesuai, cuma saudara perlu menukar tayar kepada yang jenis ‘slick’. Murah sahaja tayar tu. Tetapi jika saudara suka berbasikal jauh dari Kuantan, atas jalan raya & kadang2 ingin laju, maka racing bike atau roadbike lah yang paling sesuai. Jika mahu tour jauh2 & kelajuan bukan pilihan, maka ‘touring’ bike adalah yg terbaik.

    Untuk RM1500 agak sukar mendapatkan basikal yang agak bagus tetapi ada. Secara peribadi saya lebih mengenali Merida, justeru saya ingin mencadangkan saudara melawat Ann di Kuantan Mountain Bike (depan Tunas Manja Transit). InsyaAllah ada basikal MTB or maybe RB yg sesuai dengan saudara.

    Harap ianya membantu.

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