My new rugged compact camera

I just bought myself the new Nikon Coolpix AW100, Nikon’s first waterproof (some said underwater) camera.

Plus this one, I already owned 3 waterproof/rugged compacts. The first was Olympus mju1080, then Lumix FT2. Why the new ‘All Whether’ compact? One – it has GPS built in, Two – it’s Nikon! :)

What is my first impression:

  1. Cool paint-job – now if I drop this camera in the jungle, I will face difficult time to find it – deng! he he
  2. The GPS function is pretty decent – quite fast to detect the satellite signal, so it is useful
  3. The compass – is even cooler – not of any really important use to me….but it is cool
  4. The ‘action control’ feature also another cool feature – it should ease the use of camera when wearing super thick glove (a situation I always encounter at the mountain summits)
  5. The HD movie is fantastic, but I am yet to really test it seriously – will do it during my next long bicycle ride

Now I am thinking of getting a helmet mount camera holder…so that I can mount the camera on my cycling helmet. Rather than spending another RM1000 for the GoPro POV camera, better I just mount this shockproof camera from Nikon.

I AM | Nikon Coolpix AW100…oh yeah.

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