KUANTAN160. My personal muse

KUANTAN160 is finally over. We did post event review yesterday. It was not a perfect event but it is considered OK for the first big cycling event handled by a non-pro event management.

What’s KUANTAN160 for me? Sincerely it was months of headache and frustration. Thing that make me happy were the smiling faces of those who completed the 160km torture. Nightmare for me were moments when people scolded me for not giving them medal. Only one huge problem to be considered when one organising such non-race but competitive cycling event. The expectation of riders. It was just too high to handle. It is just not worth it for me who is not living by organising such event.

When there were mix of fast & very slow riders, both wanna complete the 160km ride, technical & logistic arrangement became so complicated. One main conclusion we got after the meeting yesterday was not enough man-power to cover the huge distance between these two group of riders. Of course there were other problems. Things like riders not following rules, support cars/bike not considering safety of others,  marshalls not doing job as instructed, supply failed to be delivered as promised, lorries failed to arrive ontime etc.

Few important facts about me & KUANTAN160. I am not paid to organise this. I don’t get money organising this. I don’t bother about cert or token for me. I am from IIUM & KUANTAN160 did not have IIUM logo on it. I did 160km sub 7 hours even before the event, and I don’t care about the medal. I only wish one thing, I want people to be happy….. and I failed to make everyone happy.

If there is another KUANTAN160, there will be two categories. One is race, the other is fun ride with pace setter all the way. If and only if!


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  1. matsalo April 11, 2012 at 2:27 pm #

    Mal, fantastic u boleh organize something like this.Biasa lah, yg komplen ramai.. yg apreciate brape aje, sabar jer lah.. aku mula nak berjinak2.. for my 50th last Jan, gatal beli FP3 (taiwan) tapi component ok, ultegra. Weak link dia mosti wheelset. Tayar Continental ok dah.. so far naik sekali aja… keje banyak kat Indon nie.., bini marah aku taruk kat family area kat atas ha ha.. Keep riding bro’!

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