Finally, a photography trip

Photo adventure travel to Mount Rinjani! Again!!

To be exact, we are going there for the 3rd time. I’ve been there twice but failed to conquer its summit on both occasion. The first one was due to eruption & the second one due to bad weather.

For this trip I wish to share my checklist.

  1. Proper warm clothing. I have thermal baselayer & also Columbia jacket. It can stand 4C easily. I expect the temperature to be about that at the rim & summit.
  2. Socks – slightly thick wool sock – again I have Columbia’s socks
  3. Hiking shoes – I am using (again) Columbia’s low cut shoes. Why low cut? Because I have gaiters :)
  4. Sleeping bag – I have a small & compact, with 2C stated as the extreme temperature zone. Meaning, at 2C I won’t be that comfortable & I will definitely still feel cold at 4C inside the sleeping bag.
  5. I’ll bring my own one-man sub 1 kg tent but I need to think of a good ground sheet.
  6. Toothbrush & toothpaste – small one should do. Not the one come with free towel when you bought it.
  7. I do bring shampoo & shower gel, but packed in a small container. It feels good when you can wash your face & rinse your hair even though nobody will shower up on the mountain.
  8. A squeezable bottle for istinjak plus wet tissue & a trowel (for you know what business) :)
  9. A quick dry towel
  10. A pair of clean shirt for sleeping & for solat
  11. Another pair of shirts (very light & quick dry) wrapped nicely inside a waterproof plastic wrappers – guys, hypothermia kills!
  12. Compression shorts – No underwear when hiking… melecet beb
  13. A pair of sunglass (I have Rudy Project Magster)
  14. A cap (& I may bring my Tilley’s cowboy hat – it is very hot walking down Plawangan Sembalun)
  15. Knee guards (I have bad meniscus)
  16. Lightweight outdoor belt
  17. Torchlight & headlamp (with good battery) **** EXTREMELY IMPORTANT
  18. Glove (I have both thick & thin one)
  19. Waterbags (I am using Deuter’s 2L)
  20. Dueter Futura 35L with camera inserts for the camera OR maybe just Lowepro Primus (with raincover)
  21. Thinking of bringing just the usual sling bag (duffel) as it will be carried by porter
  22. Trekking pole
  23. iPhone & PowerMonkey Extreme with solar panel to charge it
  24. Nikon D7000 with extra battery, 14-24mm, 70-200mm, a carbon fibre tripod (it is slightly overkill!)
  25. Leica D-Lux 4
  26. A pair of slipper
  27. Sarong **** VERY USEFUL
  28. Buff as a balaclava during cold & dusty occasions
  29. Sleeping mat – for comfort
  30. My medications – pain killer, oxynase, clarinase, gauze, flavin
  31. Multipurpose tool with knife
  32. Extra ropes
  33. Plastic garbage bag (in case of raining)
  34. Some powergels for energy boost when trekking & some snacks

I hope these things fit my duffel bag :)

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  1. emran May 19, 2012 at 8:32 am #

    entry macam tak cukup excited jek nih… ekekekke

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