Fizik Kurve, broken & replaced!

I bought Fizik Kurve, a bicycle saddle about 6-8 months ago. It is one of the most expensive Fizik. But I like it a lot. After about 1000Km ride on it, it broke (as per picture). It was not due to fall. I realized it when we stop after a recovery ride post 420 km 3 days interstate event.

I emailed Fizik in Italy. They responded in less than 24 hours asking the serial number & my address. Then in less than 10 days the replacement unit arrived. What a good after sales support from Fizik! Thank you.

Kurve is not that light. Its > 200 gram but I like it. It is so comfortable. While waiting for the replacement, a friend loan me his San Marco 145 gram carbon saddle….. it is so hard & not suitable for my butt! :) Kurve is so far very comfortable.

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