My new bike

I thought Madone 6.9 was going to be my ultimate bike. How wrong I was. Last Wednesday, I got myself Colnago C59. A second-hand but like-new condition, 2012 model, hand carried from Rome! Thanks Captain Abid!


I just transferred all my previous components to this new Italian bike. Add chain catcher & the final weight is 6.87 kg. About 250 grams heavier than the previous Madone 6.9 setup. Meaning I (not the bike) need to shed more weight!

I did 140km on this new bike & indeed it is stiffer than the Project 1. Coupled with my Fulcrum Racing Speed XLR, I would say, to maintain 35-38 kmh is easier. However the bike still can’t cast any magic power for me not to be dropped when cycling with my faster friends.

Overall, C59 is a nice bike but it is not really an upgrade from Madone 6.9.

The rider needs to be upgraded!

What will I do to my Madone 6.9? Some friends suggest that I build a climbing bike. But I am not the type able to use more than one device (except camera…he he…well one DX & one FX). So for now, it’s for sale. If any of you is interested on a Madone 6.9 Project 1 2010 size 52 (TT 53.7, ST 49) do let me know.

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