Cycling vs. Photography

I have slowed down photography & now picking up the speed in cycling. Well not my riding speed, but the speed of money spent on the components!

I though photography is expensive…. I have a D3 (around RM14K), lenses (total maybe RM30-40K) & the rest of the accessories (another RM10K); and that is all. For bike, I already into my 3rd road bike. Started with RM1500 MTB, then upgraded to RM8K full-suspension half-carbon MTB before I bought my first roadbike at RM8K (Trek Madone 4.7). On that bike, I upgraded the groupset from SRAM Rival to SRAM Red (RM4500), changed the seatpost to carbon & upgraded the wheel to Fulcrum Zero (RM3200). Within less than a year I bought 2010 Trek Madone 6.9, the top of Trek’s bike that time. The frame alone cost me RM12K!! Initially I used all the old components from 4.7 into this 6.9, but then I add another wheelset, Fulcrum Racing Speed XLR, the top of the range among Fulcrum wheels. That was RM8K! I also changed the stem to Bontrager XXX that cost me RM800. Yup just the stem. Then I upgraded my alloy rim to full carbon. Another RM7.5K for that Bontrager XXX full carbon clincher. And…..the recent most upgrade was moving from American frame to Italian! A 2012 Colnago C59! The original price of the frame is circa RM14K but I bought a second hand unit for RM10K.

Now, I am contemplating to change my high profile XLR rims to Lightweight wheels. A RM14K wheelset! Fortunately, I deferred the idea for the time being!

Oh btw, I have not talk about the jerseys & cycling shoes! Shoes also made from carbon. And they are about RM1000 per pair. The pedal is RM1200 (Speedplay) & I already bought a second pedal recently. Good jersey is about RM300-400 per piece & bib is RM400++. So for this raya, I might just wear the jersey to Eid prayer!

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