Cyclosportif Challenge Ride

I rarely blog about my cycling activity lately but yesterday’s 155km cyclopsortif challenge at Port Dickson deserves a remark.

It’s end of the year & none of my Kuantan friend was going. I signed up because I can bring my family to PD as a holiday trip.

I’ve been to Tiara Beach Resort few times and I don’t like the place. The waterpark is a different story. I know the kids will love it.

True enough we were give a junior suite at the 5th floor & the lift was out of order! Imaging carrying all the luggage plus a bike up & down the 5th floor.

Enough about Tiara. Cyclosportif is an event organised by Dirtraction together with cooperation from local government. The organiser is from Singapore & many of the sponsors were also from Singapore. So it is nor surprising if 2/3rd of the participants were from Singapore. I personally see nothing wrong with that.

The registration was straight forward. I did not even have to queue to get my teams’ goodies bags. The briefing was short & brief. Not able to specify actual location of water station is a minus point I would say. I know roughly where they would be but I would appreciate it if I know them exactly.

The marshalling, direction were all OK. Even though no mention about water station in the briefing, at least there was signage 3 km before each stop. I would say the signages were adequate.

Now, about the route. Well it was the toughest route I ever rode this year! What a ride. Everybody was screaming about one 21% climb but it was its never ending rolling after that climb that virtually killed me!! My speed immediately dropped after Bukit Inas. Few friends caught up with me and later dropped me. Deng! The turning point was at the second water station. I needed to stop to fill up all my bottles but they just grabbed a bottle & immediately disappeared.

Alone I was not able to catch them. Tried to hook with few people but I was too tired even to cycle at 30 kmj.

So there I was struggling the last 30 km. The rolling never end. Even the last 3 km was too far for me. Finally I reached the finishing point after 5 hours and 12 minutes.

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