Gmail vs. Exchange

My university is using Exchange at the moment and now is deciding whether to continue using it or change to Gmail (for Business/corporate).

To fellow IIUM staff, as far as domain name is concerned we will still be using our extension to the name. I support the migration to Gmail even though I was the strong supporter for Exchange few years earlier. Why?

  1. Today is the era of Cloud computing & between Gmail & Outlook, it’s no brainer, Gmail gets two thumbs up.
  2. The best about Exchange & Outlook is its ability to invite meeting appointment. Now, Gmail can also do that. Having said that how many really use the feature?
  3. Oh I better ask the most important question. How many  really use our IIUM email? Many will give the excuse that IIUM email is not reliable. So it’s another reason to switch to Gmail. Known for its reliability.
  4. How much space you got for Exchange? 1 GB? Oh…it is 500MB…. ha ha ha. And many staff complained that they have to delete & clear many emails in the mailbox. With Gmail you’ll get 25GB.
  5. Security & confidentiality. Hmmm.good question. But how many is using Yahoo or Hotmail or Gmail to send their exam questions to the exam administrator? So don’t talk about security & confidentiality lah. If you want security, use encrypted message. Oh you don’t know what is encryption? So don’t talk about security or confidentiality.

I say, let’s change! I know that UM is using Gmail. And you guys are talking about ownership & security with those top in World University Ranking (compared to us) has been using it for some time.

I am no longer holding any IT post in the university, and this is my personal view.

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