Trans Titiwangsa

This entry is pretty outdated. We did the trans Titiwangsa Range earlier this month. There were altogether more than 50 riders involved from my own Geng Sepeda Malaysia friends, UMP students (and their lecturer),Maran Cycling Club with support crews, Voetpedale Cycling Team and even the local riders from PHK.

Day 1 started from Jeli. The climb to Titiwangsa (Around 1050m) is OK with most gradients around 6%. Not that tough. Most arrive within 2 hours period. Some took longer than that.



Then come the descend from Titiwangsa to Tasik Banding. Almost everyone enjoyed the downhill but so many experience puncture. However the climb from Tasik Banding to Gerik was pretty tough. I would say mostly circa 6-8% gradient for almost 10KM. Some stretch can get up to 12%. I definitely under-estimate that section. When we reached RR Perah, I looked at my Garmin, at we did almost 2000m climb in total….. about 800m more than I predicted! That evening almost lah of the riders wish to ride the bus to Jeli. But as usual, after some rest & good shower only a few decided not to cycle back.

The climb from Gerik to Titiwangsa was easier…a lot easier. Everyone was happy. However it started raining when we reached Titiwangsa. The downhill was scary. Speeding down in the rain with poor visibility but alhamdulillah everybody reached the destination in one piece.

All in all I would say this is one great experience. And I would love to repeat everything all over again.


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