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An attempt to install Mac in my Dell D430

Yesterday, I suddenly felt like installing my Dell D430 with Mac. I searched for iATKOS 10.5.4 given to me by my colleague ages ago & installed it into the Dell. All using the default setup. In one attempt the Mac booted up very nicely! Wow!

However I got two major problems, the network, both LAN & WiFi are not functioning. So did the sound. I managed to installed necessary kext (Sigmatel 9200) using AppleHDA Patcher 1.2 & now the notebook can sing nicely. I am now desperately searching for the kext for my network devices in Dell D430. Anyone?


OK, I found one solution. This is for my WiFi driver PROSet/Wireless 3945a/b/g. It’s from ocix33 at

I’ve managed to make mine working, but there’s always a BUT.

Card is recognized and is making search for wireless networks available and shows them, BUT these drivers only conect to networks WITHOUT security. This means that only free wireless’s will work.

How to install:

Go to

and download

PROSet/Wireless 3945a/b/g OS X 10.5 SVN latest

now, on your MAC, do the following:

Install the .pkg and when it tells you to press restart DON’T DO IT right away. Wait a minute because Leopard will recognize the card and ask you to go to network preferences. When that happens, press APPLY in network preferences.

Now you can reboot.


After reboot, go to disk manager and make a permissions repair action. After that, reboot again.

Now you can go to Applications folder and start the NetworkSelector app.

Enjoy your wireless device.

BTW the Disk Manager mentioned in the message above is actually Disk Utility available in your Applications/ Utilities folder. This solution didn’t work for me tho’ :(


Am using Windows XP 64 bit now. Impressive. Can utilise all 4 Gig of my DDR2 RAM. Thinking of buying another 4 Gig. Photoshop is very fast. Other software, especially the 32 bit still about the same.


Greasemonkey business

Many people still do not know about greasemonkey…..especially if you are using Firefox (or Mozilla browser). This is a cool add-on to firefox that among others allow you to add smiley to your flickr reply, add icon or name to reply comment on flickr.


Wiki about greasemonkey is available here & the official website is at List of scripts using greasemonkey available at