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Dieng 2009 The Movie

Yezza! With only Picasa 3 & Audacity I managed to create a simple lousy 1080 HD movie with > 200 pictures at > 400MB size. I am figuring out on how to shrink the size. Once done, you can find them here.


Photocamp II @ Jeram Perahu: Final Note

Alhamdulillah, 13 people will be going to Jeram Perahu. We will go in one boat. There are some amendments to the previous itinerary. Here is the update:

Day 1 – 27th Feb – Friday

7:00 AM: Rendezvous at Jerantut (infront of Jerantut New Mosque) – Briefing I – About detail programme - Breakfast (Own Expense)
7:30 AM: Move to Kuala Tahan
9:00 AM: At Kuala Tahan jetty – Briefing 2 – Safety briefing - Depart to Kampung Bantal using large boat (shade) ~ estimated 4 hours journey – Landscape (Wide) Mode & People (Tele) Mode
1:00 PM: Arriving at Kg Bantal – Lunch & solat here
2:00 PM: Depart to Jeram Perahu using small boats (no shade – sunglass, hat/cap & sunblock are essential)
6:00 PM: Arriving at Jeram Perahu – setup tents, gather woods for fire, acara berendam! (don’t forget to mark good spot for nature ‘business’) :D
7:30 PM: Solat & dinner
8:00 PM: Discussion 1 – Introduction to Nature PhotoCamp (dR ali)
8:45 PM: Free & easy (Those who are interested can try to shoot star trail)

Day 2 – 25th Jan – Sunday
6:00 AM: Solat
7:00 AM: Go to Lata Irak- Photo Shootout 1- Landscape Mode (esp. slow shutter, bracketing)
9:00 AM: Breakfast (at Lata Irak)
10:00 AM: Free & easy
12:00 PM: Go back to Jeram Perahu
13:00 PM: Lunch & solat
14:30 PM: Photo Shootout 2 (Jeram Perahu) – Macro Mode
16:00 PM: Free & easy
7:30 PM: Solat & dinner
8:00 PM: Discussion 2 – What we have learnt?
8:45 PM: Free & easy

Day 3 – 1st March – Sunday
6:00 AM: Solat
7:00 AM: Photo Shootout 3Landscape Mode (around Jeram Perahu)
8:00 AM: Breakfast
9:00 AM: Go to Lata Menderu (bring all luggage) – Photo Shootout 4 - Landscape & Macro Mode
12:00 PM: Lunch
13:00 PM: Head back to Kg Bantal
17:00 PM: Check-in at Dali’s Guesthouse & Solat (Jama’ Takhir)
18:00 PM: Briefing 3 – About Kg Bantal
18:30 PM:
Photo Shootout 4 – People, Landscape Mode (around Kg Bantal)
20:00 PM: Dinner & Solat
21:00 PM: Discussion 3 – What we have learnt?
22:00 PM: Free & easy

Day 4 – 2nd March – Monday
6:00 AM: Solat
7:00 AM: Free & easy (try go around the kampung & shoot the morning scenery)
8:00 AM: Breakfast (Own Expense)
9:30 AM: Depart to Kuala Tahan using large boat
12:30 AM: Arriving at Kuala Tahan – Debriefing – End of Nature PhotoCamp II


BCC please….

Just a simple blog about the use of BCC. If you wanna send to too many people, put their names into BCC field please. Else you will be considered as spammer….and you will be exposing people’s email address to the world….

Having said that, don’t just forward any message you received to all the people in your address book. That’s bad practice! Be considerate. If you really wanna send, edit it & remove all the previous recipients’ particulars. If you do not how to it, don’t forward the email!

And to those who always give reason of not IT savvy enough & still doing these sort of things… more….browse more….and learn more!