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My attempt at serious cycling

I love sports. I used to play volley ball for my school & faculty. Even for the hospital I worked. Then I started playing tennis. But after the recent knee injury plus few more reasons (or excuses) , I find it difficult to play tennis regularly.

Recently I realized that I was gaining weight. My previous weight was also not good… I need to burn the extra calories. My wife has started walking. From 5000 steps to 10,000 steps daily at least. So yesterday, me & my wife went to the nearby bike shop & got ourselves 2 Merida Matts 5 D. Not sure the detail spec. But I failed to find the picture in the net, so I reckon this model has been discontinued. This bike is no where near the pro level spec but for the time being let me focus on weight & fitness.

We bought the bikes after office hour on Thursday, and on the same night we tried the bike. With few friends we rode for 19.6 km.

(Thanks to Azraie aka Big for the photos & for the guide of cycling)

Stamina wise, we were OK but we suffered the famous saddle sore or better known as butt sore!

Yesterday we did another 13km and the info for our ride is available here.

We love this new hobby. My aim is to maintain my body weight & to keep a health active lifestyle. When life reaching 40, our BMR is low….and we easily become fat.

Salam Ramadhan 1430 Hijrah (2009)

To all my friends & muslims all over the world, Ramadhan mubarak guys. May this Ramadhan bring ‘barakah’ into our life. May peace settles in this world and may Allah guide us to the right path.

The good news!

Based on MRI, only my meniscus torn (the posterior horn only). Yes!! And no radiological evidence of ACL or colateral tear. Yes!! Then I called the surgeon……OK he said, I must do meniscectomy…..via scope only. Yes!!

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But….. the recovery period may take 6 weeks! No weight bearing for 6 weeks! Erk! I think it is still OK. As long as I can walk properly after that.