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2nd day of schooling…wow!

Huh…I thought the challenge was the 1st day of schooling…..How wrong I was. It is the 2nd day that is challenging! Having all 4 children going to school is no joke. I am sending 3 to primary school & my wife sending our youngest, Asma’ to her Iman Kid’s kindergarden.

We send Aisyah, Ahmad & Ammar to KAFA school in the afternoon. So they were only at home after Asar. But what a day for them, especially Aisyah. Already had a lot of homework to do. This year she’ll have UPSR. I had a class with my Year 4 medic last night till 10:30PM. So when I arrived home, the children were just going to bed. That was late…..and true enough today, the 2nd day of schooling, we got problem persuading the younger two siblings to get up & shower. Aisyah was OK. But Ahmad was fussy about what books to bring!

It was 7:20AM when we left home & the road was jam! It was worst at SKIM Utama. Apparently many were late today. We were stuck in the jam inside the school for about 15 minute & the children only managed to go into their respective class at almost 7:50AM!!

So tomorrow, I told them to wake up earlier. Poor them….their life is so hectic! :(

Ammar first day at school

That’s Ammar. The boy with the red school bag. He was just cool. No problem whatsoever. Excited when I gave him RM1.50 as the pocket money. When we were on the way home, he requested me to stop at 7-Eleven to spend the money…..I told him to buy anything within his ‘budget’. Bertuah punya anak…..He took M&M Chocolate Candy that cost me RM2.60! Ha ha ha…..