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My new rugged compact camera

I just bought myself the new Nikon Coolpix AW100, Nikon’s first waterproof (some said underwater) camera.

Plus this one, I already owned 3 waterproof/rugged compacts. The first was Olympus mju1080, then Lumix FT2. Why the new ‘All Whether’ compact? One – it has GPS built in, Two – it’s Nikon! :)

What is my first impression:

  1. Cool paint-job – now if I drop this camera in the jungle, I will face difficult time to find it – deng! he he
  2. The GPS function is pretty decent – quite fast to detect the satellite signal, so it is useful
  3. The compass – is even cooler – not of any really important use to me….but it is cool
  4. The ‘action control’ feature also another cool feature – it should ease the use of camera when wearing super thick glove (a situation I always encounter at the mountain summits)
  5. The HD movie is fantastic, but I am yet to really test it seriously – will do it during my next long bicycle ride

Now I am thinking of getting a helmet mount camera holder…so that I can mount the camera on my cycling helmet. Rather than spending another RM1000 for the GoPro POV camera, better I just mount this shockproof camera from Nikon.

I AM | Nikon Coolpix AW100…oh yeah.

SpeedPlay Zero Pedal

What can I say! Upgraded from my previous Look Keo 2 Max Carbon. Now when pedalling, I feel as if my shoes are attached to the crank.

Clip off is pretty easy. Clip on need some time to master.

Installation is so simple. Remember to install a pedal, follow the direction of pedalling. To remove, the other way round. For Look Keo, need to use Allen 8mm. To install SpeedPlay Zero, use size 15 wrench.

The secret of SpeedPlay relies on its cleat. It can accomodate 3 or 4 holes base. Then it requires additional 4 screws. Very bulky cleat. You can adjust the float angle or fix it to be no float altogather. I prefer no float.

Overall I am satisfied with this pedal!

The new gadget for my bike

Yes! My new gadget for the bike. A new Garmin Edge 800, a dedicated GPS receiver than can monitor the heart rate, speed & cadence using ANT+ technology (which is better than the usual Bluetooth).

I bought it through eBay. Cheaper than the one advertised in BBS. Afterall it is not available in Malaysia yet. My brother who went to Singapore said, the cheapest there was RM1800. The same package like what I just bought i.e. the unit plus charger. No speed/cadence or HRM sensor.


Update: OK, I got my credit card statement. The total damage was RM1300 + RM210 (for the premium heart rate monitor). If I include cadence sensor, that would be another RM250. So if you can get someone selling the complete set for about RM1800, grab it!