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HDR: My way?

Many people asked me how I did my HDR.

Before I answer that, let me say that my HDR work is far from the quality of other great people. I recommend you guys to google around & you’ll see a lot of great work. And I also recommend everyone to read Dalzine’s post at HDR Flickr Group.

How I do it? No one standard setting. None! Just adjust all possibilities. Seriously no secret of how I did them all. Just google for the howto. So many webs or blogs share their techniques. I am using Photomatix & Photoshop. Noiseware plugin to remove noise. However below are few of my tips:

  1. Only good picture produce good HDR.
  2. Plan for HDR. HDR is not accidental.
  3. Not every scene or moment can be HDRed.
  4. Low exposed photo produces a lot of noise.
  5. Multiple exposure produce better HDR than single-pseudo HDR.
  6. Tripod is your best friend. You can burst your shots, but it won’t able to beat those shot with tripod.
  7. First & last exposure should not be too extreme i.e. total black & total white. Don’t waste exposure.
  8. Know your camera well.
  9. Keep on looking other people HDR & adjust yours accordingly.
  10. Too much (of any setting) is usually not good. Avoid the halo around subjects.
  11. Don’t get discourage when received comments from those who hate HDR.
  12. Keep on trying. I am myself is far away from good in HDR.
  13. Some may look un-natural, but beautiful is beautiful.

(A HDR from single raw of my P&S)

Good luck guys.

How I create my child’s passport size photo

Recently I need to bring 4 passport size photos for my daughter’s school registration. Instead of paying RM12 for 4 photos from the usual photo shop, I decided to do it myself. I grab my camera with 85mm lens, a tripod, a light stand with reflective umbrella & 2 flash guns. I don’t have any commercial backdrop so I made sure the wall I chose for the background is homogeneous in colour. I also made sure my child didn’t sit to close to the wall to avoid the shadow.

Once the picture has been taken, I transferred them to my computer. I used Adobe Photoshop as my only tool. Just follow the pictures below, one-by-one & you should be able to do it yourself. Just one note, there are many ways of doing this thing. Google & you’ll find it.

To summarise every thing:

  1. Take a good portrait with clean same colour backgroud.
  2. Transfer the picture to Photoshop.
  3. Crop the picture 3.5cm W x 5cm H at 300 dpi.
  4. Select only the subject (I used Magic Wand & fine tune with Quick Selection Tool & Define Select) – Please do it till ‘pixel’ level.
  5. Copy the subject (save in the clipboard)
  6. Then create  3.5cm x 5cm empty white background file
  7. Create whatever ‘digital backdrop’ you like (in my example I used gradient tool)
  8. Paste the picture.
  9. Position the subject properly using Move tool.
  10. Merge all the layer. At this stage you already have a 3.5cm x 5cm photo.
  11. To print 4  3.5cm x 5cm photos in one 6 in x 4 photo paper, you must arrange 4 of photo you created on a new 4 in x 6 in photoshop document.
  12. Many ways to do that. Simplest method is copy once & paste 4 time & then arrange them.

Good luck.