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I am a convert!

To Mac!! *evil grin*

With the excuse that my old Dell Precision is getting slow…….and my photo editing is getting sluggish, and not to mention the crashing Windows, I open Apple website & ordered a 27″ iMac with 3.33GHz CPU, 8GB RAM….& 1TB HDD. And I am now a happy little pussy cat (instead of dog lah).

What is my first impression?

WOW!!!!! *speechless*

The screen is so huge! I can’t view the browser at its full width or else I’ll get strabismus. The speed…of course it is faster. Even internet speed is faster. I am not sure why that happens. Maybe there were so many applications running in the background when I were using Windows last time.

However, this Mac is for my photography & photo editing work. I am still more comfortable using Windows & all the relevant apps for my office & statistics works. I am not ready to migrate everything to Mac. It will consume too many time.

Windows 7, my experience

I am no reviewer & I will not attempt to be one for a huge OS upgrade like Windows 7. Suffice to say that I like it a lot. It is very fast, even compared to Windows XP. It runs faster on the same machine with 4GB RAM. Of course it is a huge improvement from Vista.

Recently my university received the Professional & Enterprise versions.

What I like about Windows 7 apart from its speed (& stability – yet to get BSOD it also has nice taskbar – now files are sorted according to its type & easily access by choosing the interested file.

Oh another important dysfunction I encountered is that my Kaspersky Internet Security can’t be executed properly. Still searching the solution.

My Documents has been replaced with Libraries, but I don’t find it major thing. The device & printers task cool. But function wise is no different to me.

When installed to my Thinkpad X200, I can almost us all function without the need to update any of the drivers. So far I can’t use my finger print feature. So overall no major issue at all but being kiasu, I downloaded Lenovo’s latest System Update & tried to update all files (none was categorised as critical), however not all were installed appropriately. Therefore I need to go to Lenovo’s Windows 7 compatibility download & doanloaded certain app. I installed Lenovo finger printing app but it was not stable & causing the flashscreen to freeze.

One annoying problem occurred after I updated my notebook, the folder in Explorer failed to open on the same windows. However there is already a solution for that. Just go here & download the batch file & run it as administrator.

P1 WiMax experience

On Thursday I accidently browsed P1 website and to my surprise my area is covered!! Wow. Without hesitation I registered online & the very nexy day I received the modem. The access is via Mac address, meaning I can access only using the modem supplied! Haiyya…what a waste because my notebook support WiMax.

Installation was quite easy. Plug-in the power & the modem will search for the signal. Within less than 1 minute it managed to get the signal. I was so happy…..but later I realized, the signal was not realiable. Most of the time the signal was red. Meaning very very poor & so often the signal dropped. I was thinking to return the modem because they have 7 days trial with money back guarantee.

I searched internet & came to know that by placing the modem facing the source of the signal, I can get better connection. True enough!! I studied the coverage map & guessed that their tower may be placed at one of the tower near my area. I placed the modem at the other side of my house, at the 2nd floor…and wow!! Now it is connecting mostly full bar!!! Yezza…!!!

Browsing the internet is fast (by Malaysian standard that is). Downloading can achieve up to 50 kbps of which usually with Streamyx, the best is 10 kbps.

Now still checking its reliability & buy Monday I’ll decide whether to return the modem or not.