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Just came back from Ulu Tembeling

Another trip to Kg Bantal & surroundings with the year 4 medical students. I hope they enjoyed & got benefits from the trip. It is a tiring trip for an old man like me. Slept early last night. However I believe such trip to see people in the remote area & to observe how health services are being delivered is important. I know that many other lecturers are reluctant to go because of its difficulties. No proper guest house & toilet there. One have to push boat when the water level is low. Leaving behind beloved family for days. No telephone connection unless for Maxis, and now DiGi.

When asked about feedbacks from students, some suggested the facilities to be improved. I told them that it in 5-10 years time it will be better. The wooden Pak Dali’s guesthouse will be gone……and so will all the environment. Guys, that’s the difficulty that those people in rural area have to endure. Therefore I hope we appreciate how difficult life is in a place like Kg Bantal.

MED4106 Block 1 2008/2009 All students

I think minus Sunil….

MED4106 2008/2009 Block A1

During our department’s raya gathering.