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Lubuk Tapah

Recently we held a photo outing at Taman Negara Endau-Rompin (Selai entrance) in Johor. This is a special outing where series of basic photography talks followed by practical sessions were conducted especially to guide friends who were new to photography. This is a no-profit effort where everyone share the cost, including the instructors and fasilitators.

I never been to Selai. This place was proposed by the Director of Johor National Park Corporation (Perbadanan Taman Negara Johor). The accommodation was sponsored by Taman Negara Johor & souvenirs by Nikon Malaysia. A total of 53 people involved in this project. Many came from Pahang and Kuala Lumpur. There were also participant from Kedah, Johor Bharu, Perak & Kelantan.

We gathered a Taman Negara office in Bekok (the small town before Selai). A total of 11 4WDs (excluding 4WDs from Taman Negara) were needed to transport all of us. The journey from Bekok to Lubuk Tapah, the name of place where the chalets was located, took 1 hour through palm estates, Orang Asli settlements and jungle.

Getting ready to board 4WD to Lubuk Tapah

The convoy.

Arriving at Lubuk Tapah. dR Ali is giving a quick briefing.

How the chalet/hut look like. I would say, it is comfortable for two persons. Not three. No attached toilet.

Upon arrival, we were treated with steamed tapioca (ubi rebus) & anchovy condiment. Heaven!!

Mr Fakhrul (Taman Negara official) giving the welcome speech & safety briefing.

The first official event was a basic photography talk by dR Ali & basic macro photography by Emran Tamil. The very next day we were tested with downpour. But many were undeterred by that challenge. They went on shooting bugs, flowers & rapids. Kudos to you guys!

On the second night I gave a talk about landscape photography. And few of us spent the night trying to shoot star-trail. I realized how difficult to find a correct exposure and it was time consuming. On the last day, majority went hiking to Takah Pandan. I didn’t go. Thanks to the late sleep for the star trail… instead, I shot the landscape nearby.

Then I went to sleep.

After lunch, we had a simple closing ceremony and a group photo.

We hope everyone enjoyed the photocamp. We need not to pay hefty amount of money to learn photography & to have more friends.

See you guys in the next NPC.

Gunung Nuang | A training for Mount Rinjani

1500m vs. 3700m! That’s a fair fight I guess. Located at Ulu Langat, Gunung Nuang is popular among mountaineers or outdoor enthutiast especially those staying around Klang Valley.

Arey & Remi, as persons heading the Rinjani Extraordinary Photo Adventure Team (REPAT) (<—- just created this acronyms of which I do not know its meaning ha ha ha) decided for all of us to have a serious training & briefing session before we climb Mount Rinjani at the end of June this year.

We have decided to climb on 12-14th June 2009. Team from Kuantan (& Muar I guess) will depart to KL on 12th June. Stay one night in KL & climb the mountain as early as 7AM on the 13th. According to Remi’s itinerray, we need 6-7 hours to reach the top of the mountain.

After reading few blogs I would say, a-day climb is possible. So how? For safety reason, better prepare like we wanna camp……but the weight will sure slow us down. ND went there & he camped there. Many went up the summit & came back after almost 12 hours trekking.

We better camp up there I guess….This will give us extra buffer times should anyone face problem climbing within the usual ‘average’ time.

So guys we need to prepare few things for camping up there:

  1. Tent – I only have 1 tent (and it is only a two-men tent)
  2. Cooker – I have one – but I need to buy some gases
  3. Utensils – I have some cooking utensils – enough for simple cook I guess
  4. Dry cloth – 1 pair is enough I guess
  5. Insect repellent
  6. Water – I guess we need to carry enough water – I don’t know – I have 3L water bladder
  7. A 30-40L knapscak should suffice, but the Deuter 55+10 is OK already
  8. Good shoes
  9. Sleeping bag + sleeping mate
  10. Torchlights
  11. Matches

Remi please add….

For reference, please read this blog. The pictures at ND’s flickr.

ThinkPad W700ds laptop

Peh….its a portable workstation with DUAL screen! Yup 2 screens in one notebook…..and the price is nearly RM20K!

The weight is slightly lighter than baby elephant! :D Oh btw…why am I always looking at Thinkpad? Because others are not a notebook, only Thinkpad is! Muahahahaha…