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Palm Nova is out!!

Looks impressive! Nova is the OS or they call it Palm WebOS & Palm PRE is the phone. I want one! But I reckon the price will be sky high. It won’t be available that soon, mebbe in Malaysia after 4-6 months time. The charger…wow…wireless.

WiFi, 8GB storage
BT 2.1 802.11g gps 8gb internally fast TI Omap CPU, their latest cpu
slide down smile qwerty boards
320 x 480 touchscreen display
removable battery, 3.0 megapixel camera, microUSB
3mp camera with DSP and led flash
3.5mm headset jack and the traditional ring/vibrate switch

Detail at Palminfocentre & Palm Website

My Hajj Journal Part 9 – About the people of Makkah

Before I go to Makkah, all people told me not to complaint. My hajj is over & now I want to complaint about the people of Makkah! I can say many bad things about them. I believe all future hajee need to know these. We should be prepared mentally & what to expect from these people. People here doesn’t mean only the Arabs but also anyone who are staing in Makkah. Most sellers are either Indians of Bangladeshis.

They are mostly not educated! Therefore they spit as they like, they don’t speak English (speaking Bahasa Melayu will be accepted better than English), they don’t que, they don’t have rule & don’t respect rule, they honk as they like, they yell, they push, they cheat you if they can. They increase the price of things in Makkah as they like. They don’t have many signage & even if they are signage, they don’t have to follow them.

They are arrogant, very arrogant. Even the Bangladeshies there also arrogant.

They know nothing about safety. They can continue loading super duper heavy cements across the walking jamaah! Rarely I saw the workers wearing helmet.

So, as a reminder, guys, if you go there, having patience is like having gold. Its priceless.

If not because of Islam & Baitullah, I don’t think the place deserved to be visited. O people of Makkah! No wonder Rome & Persian refused to conquer you when you are not Muslim. If you don’t do the work of deen, you will not be respected anymore.

The Last Lecture

I rarely read book. Today while waiting for my car to get washed by Cars International at Bejaya Megamall, Kuantan I bought myself a thin book entitled “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch.

The story is simply extraordinary & inspiring. Being a lecturer myself, I had learnt so many things just by reading this book.

There are also videos & you tubes available. I really recommend this book to everyone! It’s a must read book.