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How to jailbreak iPhone. The beginning.

This tutorial is for those who do not kno what jailbreak (or JB) is but want to try to JB their iPhone.

JB is a way to allow your iPhone to use applications not sold in iTunes Store. There are many apps that are pretty cool but not available in iTunes. Among I like the most are BiteSMS & MyWi.

JB your iPhone also allow you to access the root folder of your iOS. To those Linux geek, they can do magic when they can access the root.

So how to JB?

First, you must know what version of iOS you have on your iPhone. To know that go to Setting > General > About. Just read the ‘Version’ info. That’s your iOS version. Then google for famous jailbreak tools like RedSn0w & Greenpois0n. If your iOS is old enough, you can simply JB your phone using I will not going to repeat the steps one by one as it is usually specific based on iOS version.

One thing to know, there are 2 types of JB. Tethered & untethered. Tethered means you must be connected to your PC, run the specific tool before you can use all the JB apps. Every time the phone reboot, you need to tether back to get the JB.

Untether is the way to go. But sometimes you don’t have the option as the untether may be taking long time to be available.

So before you hit the update button in your iTunes, decide whether you want to use the JB apps or not. Once updated, difficult to downgrade unless you save the SHBLOBS of your phone in Cydia. And later use certain tool (like TinyUmbrella) to downgrade the iOS.

Another thing you need to master before you JB your phone is to enter DFU mode. The steps is pretty easy.

  1. Switch off your phone.
  2. Press the Power button & hold it.
  3. Wait until you see the Apple logo & press Home button while still pressing the Power button.
  4. Once the Apple icon disappear, release the Power button & keep pressing the Home button.
  5. You are now in DFU mode.

So what will happened once you had successfully JB your phone? First and foremost, usually you’ll get Cydia icon in your iPhone. From Cydia you can search & install extraordinary apps not available in iTunes. Some are free & some are paid version. What paid?? Yes. JB does not mean CRACK or illegal apps okay! Even though JB make it possible for your iPhone to be installed with cracked apps…especially when you have added certains repositories.

Now, what is repositories? It is web address to site that store all those apps. Some paid, but many are illegal sites…well…they allow you to install cracked apps don’t they. ;)

Good luck!

023.002 Firmware for E72

Yes, to my surprise today my Ovi Suite prompted me that I have a new software for my phone! Yes….and now I am updating it as I write this blog.

This is my second attempt actually. The network is slow.

However when I checked the update using Nokia Software Updater via Nokia PC Suite, there is still no update for my phone. Only when using Ovi Suite I have the option to download it.

Update: Able to download the FW but failed to install into the phone. The phone keep on disconnecting & crashed. Too busy to find the solution.

My Malaysian Brown E72 became Euro’s version

The new firmware for E72 i.e. version 22.007 finally came out. But it was not yet available for my Malaysian E72. I already know that in order to get my phone updated I need to change its product code from the existing one to European’s code (I changed to 0584221). The list of code for E72 is available here (I have corrected the link! Sorry guys). I make sure I jot down the code numbers (well just copy & pastelah in today’s era isn’t it? :D ).

I downloaded & installed Nemesis Service Suite (NSS, beta & free). Restarted my PC, connect my E72 to the PC using PC Suite mode. Go to Phone Info & click Read. All my phone informations are there. Then in the product code box, I entered the European’s Code that I like & then just click Write. Everything finished in less than 30 seconds.

Then I upgraded my new European’s E72 to the new firmware using Nokia Software Updater.

Downloading took some time as usual according to Streamyx’s 1 mbps package reputation. But once done, I thought nothing had happened because I need not to reinstall everything back as what happened with my upgrades previously. But when I dial *#0000# my firmware has already changed & the best part is I believe that the miss-character-when-typing-fast has gone! Yeaa!! I am not sure what else this new FW did to my phone. I am yet to explore the difference but when the typing bugs disappeared I am already very happy!

Nope….the new FW only lessen the missing-character bug a bit but it is still there. Must wait for a major FW upgrade! So……what did this new FW improve? I don’t know!!!