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Qanaah – Contentment

I stopped at Petronas Bentong for a quick lunch after a routine work in KL yesterday. I prayed Zuhr & Asr (jama’ & qasar), then I went to the cafe inside the petrol kiosk & bought myself a tuna croissant with a sausage & a mug of cold chocolate. Beside me I saw a young guy (wearing the petrol pump shirt – I reckon the worker there) eating a packet of instant noodle and a glass of plain water. He looked so humble, so contented. He smiled at me. I smiled back at him but suddenly I didn’t feel comfortable. He may not able to afford a croissant….and maybe not able to eat or buy anything as I can. But I somehow….envy him. What if Allah loves him more than me? Since I eat more than him & have many things than him…I’ll surely be asked of all the things I have now…..

Abu Bakr (RA) used to sigh when he saw a bird & wish he would be like the bird, flying around freely without thinking the day of judgment.

It would be really nice to contemplate & muhasabah of what we have & how lucky we are. There are so many people less fortunate that us. And we should stop looking at those whom Allah gives more than us….

I fear your punishment ya Allah…but I hope for your forgiveness….

Salam Ramadhan 1430 Hijrah (2009)

To all my friends & muslims all over the world, Ramadhan mubarak guys. May this Ramadhan bring ‘barakah’ into our life. May peace settles in this world and may Allah guide us to the right path.

Faking Islam

Received email regarding the above matter. Instead of forwarding this to everyone else, I just blog about this. The email said that these websites give false info on Islam.


I have not check myself but please be wary with anything on the web. We can’t trust everything.