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iPhone 5: My quick impression

Received my iPhone exactly on 14th Dec as promised by DiGi.

First impression – sleek design. Slim. Its new taller dimension need sometime for adjustment. The lightning port is cool.

One thing very obvious, its A6 chip is pretty fast! The internet is faster. The response is brisk.

From someone who was using iPhone 4, the camera image quality is impressive.

Other than that, I say it is pretty similar like my peevious iPhone 4 with iOS 6.



iPad – My experience

Everything was not expected.

One fine day I was travelling from Kuantan to KL. I took a flight. From KLIA I took ERL to KL Sentral. In the train, a mat saleh (white man or caucasian) sat before me. I was using my iPhone to read & reply email, also to read few PDF files. And then this guy took out his iPad, wrapped in a cool Apple’s leather case, attached a headphone, browsing some musics, then open a document to read. Wow! It was so cool man! Especially when you yourself were reading too but using that tiny iPhone screen.

I immediately put my ‘wow-iness’ as my Facebook status. And to my surprise, a friend, a close friend of mine, from my college days (in MRSM Terendak) offered me an iPad. She said she got it as a present for one month already & was not using it. What a pleasant surprise! I called her & the very next day I went to her office & collected the iPad. Thank you Natasha.

The iPad is a 64GB version without 3G. I reckon it is from Australia looking at the serial number.

I know nothing about iPad. But the first thing I did was to jailbreak it using jailbreakme.com. Then I realized that I need an internet connection to make iPad useable, else it will almost useless. So I jailbroke my iPhone (yup I JB my updated iPhone & succeeded in doing so), install MyWi & walla! I can now use the iPad connected to my Celcom 3G via my iPhone through WiFi tethering.

Since then I never look back. Reading articles is now extremely fun especially with Papers. Papers can manage all articles & can ‘match’ the PDF to get its metadata like authors, journal, date etc. I can sync my references between my iMac, iPad & iPhone. With Papers, I can annotate the PDF file I am reading. I was using iPad during a critical appraisal session with my students.

Reading & replying email is definitely better with iPad compared to iPhone due to its bigger & brilliant screen resolution.

I also installed iFiles to store & manage documents, especially the attachments from email. I also have iFile, without ‘s’ (from Cydia) of which I can access the root & whatever folder in the iPad if I want to via SSH from my iMac or Thinkpad.

Pocket Informant is a better GUI alternative than the built-in Calendar. But it can’t sync to my Windows Outlook directly. I have to rely on Google Calendar. So what I am doing is syncing my Outlook 2010 to Google Calendar, then I can sync Pocket Informant with it.

For word & spreadsheet, I bought QuickOffice Connect Mobile Suite that I like & I even have it in my iPhone. Its photo album also cool. Now I can show my portfolio in style! *grin*

For Facebook, I just use Facebook app for iPad & for twitter I prefer TweetDeck.

To sync documents between iPad, iMac & Thinkpad I use Dropbox (an online storage solution or cloud solution many people said). The first 2GB is free. Dropbox will automatically sync all the files between these computers/gadget.

iPad is one new experience with me. A good complement to the notebook that I have. But what I wish iPad can do is at least one USB port to transfer files & ability to print directly to a printer. Was thinking to use a wireless keyboard & mouse but I realize, iPad is not a notebook. It is not meant as serious working or business tool. But it surely complement it perfectly. How about using it as a presentation tool…..also super cool if its for few people. As for now I prefer my Thinkpad with Logitech Presenter.

Not…how to install Photoshop in the iPad..heh heh

Trying jailbreak on my iPhone

I have a 3Gs version. Was eager to JB my phone since ages but did not seem to be able to do it due to its complexity (it should have been peanut if I really wanna do it actually) but now with the existence of www.jailbreakme.com website where one can JB on the fly (using Safari)……and it was extremely easy. I did everything in less than 2 minutes (could be faster if my 3G is not congested).

So what is so great with JB? Basically, you allow your iPhone to accept more applications even though it was not registered with iTunes. The JB fans will say that JB will unlock the true potential of iPhone. But I would say…..the restriction to few other capabilities on iPhone are because of two things, (1) business (monopoly) purpose by Apple and, (2) allowing to modify many things exposed the phone to instability & errors.

Having said that…not being able to do multitasking (now is OK with iOS4 but it comes with the slow speed and poor reception problems) is not acceptable.

No one forced me to JB my phone. So I did everything at my own risk.

I like some of the packages (they called it app in iTunes) especially the iBlacklist, iFile etc. But I encountered few problems to install some packages & error to connect to some repositories (the place where they place all the packages I guess)…..and I really hate those ads (yeah…I know Cydia is free….so they must survive with sponsors). And one thing should be clear here, packages in Cydia are not free….eventhough I know there are some crack available & you can crack them if using Cydia & you can’t for apps using Apple’s iTunes. Well….nowadays…as far as phone app is concern, I prefer to pay for what I like.

So what is my verdict?? Using JB reminds me of using Windows…with so many apps but one will endure the crashes most of the time. I will unJB my iPhone….so I am going to upgrade to iOS4 4.0.2….

Update: I jailbroke my iPhone again! Can’t stand plenty of software options offered from so many repositories.